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Many general dentists offer implant restoration after the placement procedure has been completed by an oral surgeon.  John P. Goodman, D.D.S., proudly performs both restoration and state-of-the-art dental implant surgery at his Kansas City, MO, practice. Utilizing his expertise and years of experience, you can have your entire treatment performed in one convenient location. Dr. Goodman will plan a fully customized procedure in advance using imaging studies to determine the optimal placement locations for your implants. During the surgery itself, he will carefully set the titanium posts in your jaw. As you recover, the implants will fuse with your bone tissue to replace your missing tooth roots and provide a suitable foundation for your restoration.

Illustration of the different components of dental implants

Planning Your Implant Surgery

Your treatment will begin with a thorough consultation. Dr. Goodman will evaluate your medical history and oral health to determine your eligibility for dental implants. Using x-rays and scans of your jaw, he can look for areas where your bone tissue may have begun to recede. If you have suffered significant tissue loss, you may not qualify for treatment without a preparatory procedure. After evaluating your x-rays, Dr. Goodman will locate the strongest parts of your jaw to place your implants.

What to Expect during Dental Implant Surgery

Before your procedure, Dr. Goodman will use a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort throughout surgery. In many cases, we can also provide deeper forms of sedation to alleviate any anxiety you may feel. After you are relaxed, Dr. Goodman will make small incisions in your gum tissue to gain access to the jawbone. Using your x-rays, he will place the titanium posts in the optimal positions to provide unparalleled support and durability for your restoration. 

Recovery from Dental Implant Surgery

Patients typically leave the office with a temporary restoration to wear as the jaw heals. It may require between three and six months to recover completely and allow the titanium posts to fuse with the jawbone. Once fully integrated, the implants will replace the function of your missing tooth roots by providing stimulation to the jawbone when chewing and speaking. This process, called osseointegration, can help protect against future bone deterioration and provide a stable foundation for your restoration.

Dr. Goodman will plan a fully customized procedure in advance using imaging studies to determine the optimal placement locations for your implants.

You can expect to experience some minor swelling and inflammation for the first week following your procedure. You may also notice redness, tenderness, and slight bleeding around the incision sites. These aftereffects can typically be managed with over-the-counter pain medication and a soft diet. 

When your jaw has fully healed, you will come back to our office to have your permanent restoration placed. Dr. Goodman may need to create small incisions in the gum tissue to gain access to the implant posts in order to attach an abutment piece to connect to your dental crown, bridge, or denture. Dr. Goodman will make any adjustments to your restoration to ensure comfort and function.

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Dr. Goodman has helped many patients restore their smiles with the finest option for replacing missing teeth. If you would like to learn more about the dental implant placement procedure or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today

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