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The Causes of Root Canal Infections

Want to know what causes root canal infections? Get information from our dentist and find out how endodontic therapy can help treat this dental problem.

Posted by Dr. John Goodman on Mar 17, 2024

Do I Still Need Orthodontics if My Teeth Look Straight?

If your smile looks fine, you might still need orthodontic treatment. Learn why straight front teeth don’t guarantee you’re free from issues with malocclusion and…

Posted by Dr. John Goodman on Feb 28, 2024

I Have Sensitive Teeth: Do I Need to See a Dentist?

Some causes of dental sensitivity are no cause for concern. In other cases, like a cavity or root canal infection, it's important that you see…

Posted by Dr. John Goodman on Jan 13, 2024

Signs You Need a New Dental Crown

We make sure to educate patients on signs that indicate you need to replace your dental crown. Let’s look at some common signs together and how…

Posted by Dr. John Goodman on Dec 06, 2023

Wedding Day Dental Makeovers: Plan Ahead for Your Big Day

You want your wedding — and the photos taken on it — to be memorable for all the right reasons. Here's how a cosmetic dentist…

Posted by Dr. John Goodman on Nov 07, 2023

Veneers or Whitening: Which Option Is Better for My Smile?

Are you unhappy with the shade of your smile? In this article, we'll compare the benefits of whitening with veneers and discuss factors that will…

Posted by Dr. John Goodman on Oct 26, 2023

Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost? What You Should Know

Are you wondering how much dental implants cost? At our Kansas City dentistry practice, we educate patients on typical pricing, insurance, financing options, and more.

Posted by Dr. John Goodman on Sep 10, 2023

Should I Get Dental Crowns or Veneers? Let's Compare.

If you’re considering enhancing your smile, you might be curious about the differences between porcelain veneers and dental crowns. Both can improve your appearance but…

Posted by Dr. John Goodman on Aug 30, 2023

Commons Signs Your Veneers Have to Be Replaced

Veneers provide long-lasting treatment for dental flaws. Here, our dentists at Astoria Dental Group discuss signs that a person needs to replace their veneers.

Posted by Dr. John Goodman on Jul 07, 2023

How Can I Tell If I Have Gum Disease?

If you suspect you have gum disease, identifying the signs may not be that difficult. But to know for sure if you need periodontal treatment,…

Posted by Dr. John Goodman on Jun 10, 2023

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Dr. John Goodman has more than two decades of experience serving the community of Kansas City, MO. He offers a comprehensive range of services to address all types of dental problems, and he accepts CareCredit® financing to make treatment as accessible as possible. 

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