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John P. Goodman DDS

John P. Goodman DDS

Signs that Your Dentures Need Replacement

Dentures are durable, but they do not last forever. Our dental team explores common signs that your dentures need replacement.

Dr. John Goodman May 23, 2018

Snap On Smile Candidates: Is It Right for You?

Candidates for Snap On Smiles would benefit from minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry smile makeovers. A Kansas City, MO dentist can go over the treatment and…

Dr. John Goodman Apr 20, 2018

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

An oral cancer screening with experienced dentist Dr. John Goodman can diagnose this disease before symptoms become obvious to the patient.

Dr. John Goodman Feb 15, 2018

How Root Canal Therapy Reduces Dental Pain

Root canal therapy (endodontics) can relieve the pain associated with an infected tooth, though some discomfort occurs after treatment. John P. Goodman DDS considers these…

Dr. John Goodman Dec 20, 2017

Understanding Root Canal Therapy vs. Tooth Extraction

Let's take a moment to consider the difference between root canal therapy versus tooth extraction and how both treatments can improve oral health.

Dr. John Goodman Oct 23, 2017

Dental Crowns vs. Fillings: Which Treatment Is Right for You?

Let's take a moment to consider the difference between dental crowns vs. fillings and how each treatment may benefit you.

Dr. John Goodman Jun 26, 2017

How Hormone Changes Affect Gum Health

Dr. John Goodman discusses the link between hormone changes and gum health, and offers tips for maintaining healthy gum tissue.

Dr. John Goodman May 22, 2017

Common Causes of Poor Gum Health: Tips for Prevention

A variety of things can cause gum disease and gum recession. Let's consider the causes of these periodontal health problems.

Dr. John Goodman Apr 26, 2017

What Are the Benefits of Tongue Scrapers?

Tongue scrapers are a great addition to daily oral hygiene routines. Learn more about the benefits of tongue scrapers.

Dr. John Goodman Mar 28, 2017

Aggressive Tooth Brushing and Dental Damage

Brushing too hard can actually harm the teeth. Find out why as we discuss the link between aggressive tooth brushing and dental damage.

Dr. John Goodman Feb 25, 2017

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