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John P. Goodman DDS

John P. Goodman DDS

What Are the Benefits of Tongue Scrapers?

Tongue scrapers are a great addition to daily oral hygiene routines. Learn more about the benefits of tongue scrapers.

Dr. John Goodman Mar 28, 2017

Aggressive Tooth Brushing and Dental Damage

Brushing too hard can actually harm the teeth. Find out why as we discuss the link between aggressive tooth brushing and dental damage.

Dr. John Goodman Feb 25, 2017

Understanding the Anatomy of a Tooth: Patient Information

The anatomy of a tooth may surprise you. By learning about the different layers of tooth structure, you may have a better understanding of various…

Dr. John Goodman Jan 24, 2017

From Egg Shells to Fluoride: A History of Toothpaste

Toothpaste has a long, interesting history. Take a journey through thousands of years of toothpaste, from ashes of oxen hooves to burnt toast.

Dr. John Goodman Dec 23, 2016

A Brief History of the Toothbrush

It’s easy to take our toothbrushes for granted, but the toothbrush actually has a long and fascinating history - dating back more than 5,000 years!

Dr. John Goodman Nov 22, 2016

Treat Gum Disease to Preserve Bone Structure

Dr. John P. Goodman discusses the risk of tooth loss for patients suffering from gum disease.

Dr. John Goodman Oct 28, 2016

Why Does it Hurt When I Chew? Dental Pain and Chewing

If you experience dental pain when chewing, you may be suffering from a dental health issue. Learn why dental pain can happen when chewing.

Dr. John Goodman Sep 27, 2016

Why New Fillings and Crowns Sometimes Cause Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity sometimes occurs after getting new fillings or crowns placed. Let's discuss why that is.

Dr. John Goodman Aug 23, 2016

Exposed Tooth Roots and Tooth Sensitivity

One of the leading causes of tooth sensitivity is exposed tooth roots, which generally results from gum disease.

Dr. John Goodman Jul 26, 2016

Tooth Loss and Smoking: Considering the Connection

Smoking can cause people to lose teeth. Let's consider why this happens and what treatments are available.

Dr. John Goodman Jun 24, 2016

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