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Even with good brushing and flossing habits, cavities can still occur. Traditionally, fillings were made from silver amalgam. With the growing concern over placing metal in our bodies, more and more patients are choosing to receive tooth-colored composite fillings. Kansas City, MO, dentist John Goodman can use these restorations to protect teeth weakened by cavities or simply to replace old silver amalgam fillings. Made from composite resin, tooth-colored fillings offer several aesthetic and functional benefits over traditional fillings. If you have been diagnosed with a cavity and are wondering if you should place tooth-colored fillings vs. silver amalgam fillingscontact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Goodman.

Video: Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dr. Goodman discusses his preference for using tooth-colored fillings. The benefits of the resin composite material are endless. Tooth-colored fillings blend in flawlessly with a patient's smile, reinforce structural support, and improve the overall health of a tooth.

Functional and Aesthetic Advantages of Composite Fillings

The most apparent benefit of composite fillings is that they can be matched to the same color as your teeth. The material is naturally white and Dr. Goodman will further customize the shade of the filling to blend beautifully with your smile. This offers a great advantage over dark, obvious amalgam fillings. 

Composite fillings can also restore lost strength to your teeth. Metal expands and contracts with temperature changes and can gradually weaken the tooth over time. Composite resin does not respond to temperature fluctuations in this way and actually bonds more securely with the tooth. Additionally, composite fillings require a smaller amount of your natural tooth structure to be removed while it is being prepared. The treatment is not only more durable and longer-lasting, but patients who have composite fillings placed experience less post-treatment pain and sensitivity than those who choose traditional amalgam fillings.

The Composite Filling Procedure

When you come into our office to have a cavity filled, Dr. Goodman will first prepare your tooth by cleaning out and removing any damaged areas. If you are having an old amalgam filling replaced, Dr. Goodman will remove the filling and thoroughly clean the area. 

Next, Dr. Goodman will prepare the color-matched composite material and begin applying it to the treatment area. He will place a dental device in your mouth that will isolate the tooth to ensure that moisture from your mouth will not affect the material's ability to bond with the tooth's structure. 

As Dr. Goodman applies the composite solution to the tooth, he will gently sculpt it into the desired shape so that it does not adversely affect your bite. When the material has filled in the space left by the cavity, Dr. Goodman will use a specially designed dental light that uses ultraviolet energy to harden the composite material. 

Patients who have composite fillings placed are generally very happy with them and do not experience any significant pain or discomfort. Once treatment is complete, you can benefit from a healthy, protected tooth without the appearance of a dark amalgam filling to mar your smile.

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