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Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can not only be embarrassing. They can also make it difficult for you to eat and speak properly.

A dental bridge replaces up to three consecutive missing teeth, restoring function to your bite. 

With over two decades of experience, Dr. John P. Goodman in Kansas City, MO, can craft a dental bridge so you can smile confidently again.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Traditional Bridge

A dental bridge is a restoration that replaces one or several consecutive missing teeth. This can be done using dental implants, or by using two of the natural teeth on either side of the gap as anchoring teeth. 

With a traditional bridge, dental crowns are placed on the anchoring teeth on either side of the gap, providing support to the artificial tooth or teeth, called pontics. The pontics fill in the gap caused by missing teeth. 

Implant-Supported Bridge

A dental bridge can also be supported by dental implants. Implants topped with crowns act as the supporting structure for the pontics. Implants are the only restorative dentistry treatment that can stop or prevent the jawbone deterioration that occurs when the bone no longer has the stimulation the tooth roots once provided. Implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed directly into the jawbone. The dental implants then fuse to the bone in a process called osseointegration.

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Dr. John Goodman

Five-Star Reviews from Happy Kansas City Patients


Polen Sprankle


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Dr. Goodman and his staff were honestly incredible. I’ve never been to a dentist that’s taken his time to talk me through recommendations, and had the best interest of the client in mind. I would absolutely recommend him! Probably the best dental experience I’ve ever had.

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Mindy Anderson


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Great dentist! Flexible hours which works great with my schedule since I travel for work sometimes. Friendly staff, very professional. Never had any issues.

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A closer look at how a bridge works...

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Dental Bridge Placement

Multiple visits are often required for dental bridge placement. The exact number of visits depends on several factors such as if you are getting a traditional or implant-supported bridge and if you need preparatory treatment like an extraction

We offer sedation to ensure you are completely comfortable during treatment.
We offer sedation to ensure you are completely comfortable during treatment.

Initial Consultation

Dr. Goodman will first need to perform an initial consultation to examine your mouth and discuss your dental history. Then he can determine if a bridge is the right dental treatment for you. If you require implants, your dentist will work with an oral surgeon for placement. The jawbone will then be allowed time to heal, which generally takes four to six months.

Tooth Preparation

For a traditional bridge, the natural teeth that will become the anchoring teeth are prepared. Each tooth is carefully reshaped to allow the crowns to fit properly and blend seamlessly with your other teeth. 


Using digital technology, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth so that our trusted lab can craft your custom restoration. These impressions are sent to the lab, and your dentist will place a temporary bridge while you await your permanent bridge. Turn-around time is about two to three weeks. 

Permanent Bridge Placement

When your permanent bridge is ready, you will come in for another appointment. Your dentist will ensure the proper fit and function of your bridge before he permanently cements it in place.  

Watch the Dental Bridge Procedure

The two anchoring teeth are reshaped to allow the crowns to properly fit over the tooth structure. The dental crowns are then permanently bonded to the natural teeth, and the pontics fill in the gap caused by missing teeth. These crowns and pontics form your custom dental bridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does getting a bridge hurt?

Dr. Goodman will numb the area before your treatment begins to ensure that you are comfortable. Our Kansas City, MO, dentistry practice also offers sedation options if you have dental anxiety or if you require a higher level of comfort. 

How much does a bridge cost?

Because a bridge is a custom treatment option, the cost will vary based on each patient's unique dental needs. During your initial consultation, your dentist will develop your custom treatment plan. If you have dental insurance, our office will also help determine what your out-of-pocket costs will be. We offer CareCredit financing options to help with those costs or to help you finance your treatment if you do not have dental insurance.

What is a bridge made of?

Our lab creates custom bridges using high-quality, hand-finished porcelain for stunning and natural-looking results.

How long with a bridge last?

With proper care and dental check-ups, your dental bridge can last up to 10 years or longer. Dental bridges are crafted using high-quality and durable materials such as porcelain.  

Is there an alternative to a dental bridge?

If you have several consecutive missing teeth, partial dentures are an alternative for a bridge. During your initial consultation, your dentist will help you determine which is a better option for your unique dental needs. 

"You Won't Be Disappointed"  More Happy Kansas City Patients


james hake


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Dr. Goodman and his wonderful staff are amazing. The professional, personal experience they provide is top notch. They all take pride in what the do and provide a nice, friendly, informative and judgement-free environment that is supportive. They earned and deserve each of the 5 stars I have given here. My overall confidence has improved ten fold, I feel happy again and can share that with everyone around me. Thank you Dr. Goodman and staff for all that you did for me.

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Baylee O'Malley


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I recently switched from my dentist of 21 years to John Goodman's office and I am so beyond thrilled I made the change! Dr. Goodman and his staff are extremely welcoming and provide amazing customer service. You won't be dissapointed!

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John P. Goodman, DDS

John P. Goodman, DDS We Give Kansas City a Reason to Smile!

Dr. John Goodman has more than two decades of experience serving the community of Kansas City, MO. He offers a comprehensive range of services to address all types of dental problems, and he accepts CareCredit® financing to make treatment as accessible as possible. 

To request a consultation, please fill out our online form or call us at (816) 842-8585.

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"My experience with Dr. John Goodman DDS was outstanding. The entire staff was courteous and very accommodating. Dr. Goodman made me feel very comfortable but also finally gave me hope for having that "beautiful smile" that we (with not so good teeth) always wish for. I left feeling elated and excited for the first time about a dental appointment."

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