Tooth-colored Fillings vs. Silver Amalgam Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are a durable alternative to traditional silver fillings, providing natural-looking, attractive restorations. In contrast to metal, a composite filling will blend with your smile and strengthen your tooth. Additionally, placing a tooth-colored filling is less invasive in terms of preparation to the tooth. Dr. John P. Goodman can treat your cavity and place a tooth-colored filling, as well as replace old amalgam restorations. To learn more about tooth-colored fillings vs. silver amalgam fillings, contact our Kansas City, MO, practice today.

About Silver Amalgam Fillings

Tooth-colored filling.

For decades, silver amalgam was the most common option for dental fillings. Despite the name, silver amalgam is not primarily composed of silver. Rather, it is comprised of 50% mercury with varying amounts of silver, copper, and tin. Silver amalgam is a durable and affordable material.

However, the dark shade can affect the appearance of a patient's smile over time, giving teeth a permanent gray tint. And depending on where the silver filling is placed, it can be conspicuous when laughing, talking, or yawning.

Silver amalgam will expand and contract with changes in temperature. Therefore, hot or cold foods or beverages can alter the shape of silver fillings. Over time, this can severely weaken teeth and cause additional structural damage.

Benefits of Tooth-colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings offer several benefits for your oral health. Composite resin generally contains a mixture of porcelain and plastic. Although no allergies to silver fillings have been reported to date, some patients feel more comfortable with composite fillings since they are metal-free. 

The most noticeable advantage of tooth-colored composite is that it comes in many shades, and Dr. Goodman can find a tint that is virtually identical to your smile. Unlike metal, it will never show through your tooth.

Tooth-colored fillings are durable restorations, typically lasting five years or more with proper care.

Since they bond more securely to the surface of your teeth, composite resin fillings can strengthen teeth, more effectively than metal. The preparation process is more conservative, and Dr. Goodman will not need to remove as much dental tissue as with metal fillings.

Composite resin can further protect your tooth, since it will not change size with alterations in temperature. Also, composite resin fillings are durable restorations, typically lasting five years or more with proper care.

Placing a Tooth-colored Filling

Before your dental filling is placed, you will receive a thorough cleaning, so that all decayed tissue and bacteria is removed. We will then reshape the inside of your tooth to accommodate the filling. Next, we will treat your tooth with a bonding agent. This mild chemical solution will roughen the inside of your tooth, creating a surface area to which the filling can more easily attach. 

After this initial prep work, Dr. Goodman will apply the composite. He will carefully sculpt the material, so that it securely adheres to the surface of your tooth. When he has achieved the desired results, he will use a special light to harden the material.

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Whether you need a first-time filling, or you want to replace an old silver restoration, contact our practice today for outstanding restorative care from Dr. Goodman and his skilled team of dental professionals. 

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