Teeth Whitening in Kansas City By Dr. John Goodman on May 16, 2011

Kansas City, Put a Smile On!

Smiling really does make the world a better place.  An attractive smile makes people feel more at ease and comfortable.  A smile is not only contagious, but has a large affect on your health and self-confidence.  If you find yourself pursing your lips together to hide dull, discolored, and stained chompers, you probably don't feel your best.  There are several treatments one can do to brighten and whiten their teeth for an overall glow. 

Not only is enhancing your smile cosmetic, but the moment you have a  healthy bright smile your self-esteem gets a boost and you start looking and feeling great.  Your health, well-being, and life shouldn't suffer when you can be bright and white with an easy and affordable teeth whitening treatment with Kansas City's favorite dentist, John P Goodman.   

How Whitening Works

Most people start out with sparking white teeth with a porcelain like enamel surface.  Over the years the enamel wears down allowing stain and debris to fill in these weakened areas that can cause a dull appearance.  Bleaching and whitening removes these intrinsic (where the stain forms on the inside of the tooth), or more commonly extrinsic stains (surface stains from drinks, coffee, wine, food, etc.).  Setting up a consultation with John P. Goodman, DDS is your best option to finding out if teeth whitening is right for you.

Whitening can be very successful and safe when used properly, but can have negative side effects if not.  Such risks include gum irritation from the bleach itself or sensitivity to temperature or pressure from higher concentration of bleach.  If you already have sensitive teeth or gums, you should discuss your options with John P. Goodman, DDS. to establish which Tooth Whitening Option would be best for you.

Whitening Options

There are numerous options for accomplishing brighter and whiter teeth.  Simple less dramatic options are whitening toothpastes or even chewing gum you can find at local Grocery stores.  More drastic options include over the counter bleaching strips, gels, trays or take home kits you receive from dental professionals, but most require frequent to occasional maintenance.  Whitening toothpastes or gums will give you slight results and over the counter kits you would buy at a store are not always efficient and can sometimes be spotty.  These kits generally have a lower strength bleaching chemical gel and may only whiten a few teeth while take home kits like Dr. Goodman's Whitening will brighten a whole smile.  Not to mention purchasing routine maintenance of over the counter kits can be pricey and even run you up to the same amount as more efficient take home kits or even long-term treatments.  

If  you're interested in a more dramatic and long-term Smile Makeover, Dr. John Goodman specializes in numerous Cosmetic and Restorative procedures such as; Porcelain Veneers, Dental Crowns, Snap-On Smiles, Dental Implants, Dental Bridges, Dentures and many more services to provide you with the perfect smile you've always wanted.

Dr. Goodman's Whitening Treatment

John P. Goodman, DDS provides professionally dispensed take-home whitening kits that are known to produce the best long-term results.  The take-home kits include an easy to use and lower concentration peroxide gel that is safe to stay on teeth for a longer period of time.  Dr. Goodman also provides a custom-fitting of the bleaching trays that resemble mouth guards for better efficiency overall. 

Dr. Goodman's take-home whitening is not only easy and efficient, but extremely affordable only running you $99.00 and lasts 8 months to a year alone.  It is completely worth it when you don't hesitate to show off your confident smile!

Call us today at 816-842-8585 to set up a consultation today!

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