Are Silver Fillings Bad For You? By Dr. John Goodman on February 07, 2012

Dr. John P. Goodman believes dentist offices should stop offering Silver (Amalgam) fillings and they should be removed and restored with newer natural and healthier filling options. Dr. Goodman removes Silver (Amalgam) Fillings that were once a popular filling option for broken, chipped, and decayed areas in teeth and restores the tooth with revitalizing natural looking resin composite fillings.

Why You Should Have Old Silver Fillings Replaced

Silver or Amalgam filling material is made from mostly mercury, silver, and other trace metals, therefore does not directly bond to the tooth. For this type of filling to attach to the tooth it requires a more invasive preparation than necessary. In some cases, an amalgam filling is better than no filling in that it does block out most bacteria. However, since the metal does not bond, a space is left where bacteria and particles can access. Amalgam Silver fillings can cause breakage, chipping, and cracking of the surrounding tooth structure. Similar to a thermometer, the mercury in amalgam fillings expand and contract with changes in temperature. This often results in microscopic leakage and future recurrent decay under the restoration. Dr. Goodman has found this to be the leading cause of failure with this restorative material. 

The Recommended Dental Filling Alternative

Dr. John P. Goodman offers a healthy, long-lasting Resin Composite (Tooth-Colored) fillings at his Kansas City Practice.  These fillings are customized to match your shade to give a more natural and attractive appearance.  The material directly bonds to the tooth, eliminating space where bacteria can grow.  All things contract and expand with temperature at some point, but there is less likelihood for breaks, cracks, and further decay with Resin Composites.

Resin Composite Fillings are ultimately the best option for a filling and generally last about 10-15 years.  If  the tooth has been filled several times and needs a more long-term restorative procedure, you may want to think about Porcelain Crowns or "caps". Check  our other articles and Restorative Dentistry page to find out more from Dr. Goodman on the topic.

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry Options

Resin Composite filling material is also used in Dental Composite Bonding, which cosmetically fixes very minor misalignment, gaps, and other flaws. Composite Bonding is used to provide a better looking appearance, therefore most insurances do not cover this or other elective cosmetic procedures.  Please set up a consultation for the most accurate pricing of Composite Bonding (currently does not exceed $600 per tooth).  Composite Bonding generally is a short term option, lasting 10-15 years. A stronger, more dramatic alternative would lead you to explore Porcelain Veneers.   You'll also want to set up a consultation for the latest pricing and details for Porcelain Veneers with Dr. Goodman.

If you would like to set up an appointment to have Dr. John P. Goodman examine your old silver fillings or have questions on any topic discussed please call us at 816-842-8585.   Feel free comment or message Dr. Goodman on Facebook or via email as well.  We always look forward to hearing from you!


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