Snap On Smile By Dr. John Goodman on April 03, 2012

Kansas City Cosmetic Dentist, John P. Goodman DDS is offering the Snap On Smile as your easy, affordable, and convenient Smile Makeover solution.  A brilliant smile can be yours in as little as a snap! Similar to a retainer, the Snap On Smile is custom-fitted to your teeth to give you a natural looking smile. 

With a quick, painless, non-invasive procedure of taking impressions,  your personalized Snap On Smile is ready in less than three weeks. The Snap On Smile can be used all day long in activities including eating, drinking, sports, etc.  With a quick snap, you can insert and remove as much as you please.  Like any Smile Makeover, it may take some getting accustomed to.  Although it shouldn't drastically affect speaking or eating, Dr. Goodman recommends to try the Snap On Smile on a few times before using it regularly or for a special occasion.

Once completed, Dr. John Goodman will discuss with you send home instructions and a cleaning kit for your new Snap On Smile.  As long as you follow all recommendations, your Snap On Smile will remain sparkling, and your regular teeth should not be affected.  The material does not stain easily, especially when properly and regularly cleaned.  Not only does it cover imperfections, the Snap On Smile acts as a shield protecting any sensitivities your teeth may have.

Cosmetic Smile Makeover Kansas CityThe Snap on Smile is a beautiful way to transform your smile from flawed to fantastic in an affordable way. 

If you're planning for a long-term restorative or Cosmetic Smile Makeover, it's the perfect way to establish your expectations and last until you have the smile of your dreams.  If  you have a wedding or a big event in your future, you'll make a lasting impression with the Snap On Smile.  Now you can have the smile you've always wanted!

Schedule your Complimentary Consultation today by contacting our friendly reception staff to set up your appointment.  To see more cases and find out more information about a Snap On Smile, view our Smile Gallery.

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