The Worst Beverages for your Teeth By Dr. John Goodman on April 26, 2012

Kansas City Dentist, John P. Goodman, D.D.S. explains the beverages that cause the most problems for your oral health and teeth.  Acidity and erosion from the sugar and high acid ingredients in these drinks can lead to more severe dental and health problems.  It is beneficial to know what drinks to avoid and how to care for your teeth after consuming these beverages.  Oral health is and can be effected differently, but Dr. Goodman finds it important to educate his Kansas City patients on the best ways to care for your teeth in relation to these following beverages. 

The Effects of Soft Drinks and Sodas

The harmful effects of sugar on teeth from soft drink beverages have been well publicized and are shown in the image to the right. The sugar combined with other ingredients break down the enamel, the surface protecting the teeth.  Darker soft colas are high in sugar as well and more likely to stain given the color.  Sodas not only slowly disintegrate teeth, but could also result in other health changes including weight-gain from the high calories. 

Several people reach for the diet sodas assuming that they are in fact a better, healthier option.  The diet drinks have less calories, but the effects on teeth just as harmful if not worse.  The sugar and caloric replacement ingredients are able to cause acid erosion to the enamel and further throughout teeth.

The Effects of Sports and Energy Drinks

Sports and energy drinks consist of a lot of sugar or substitutes and are highly concentrated with teeth harming elements.  They are mostly designed for a boost of energy or for athletes before, during, or after endurance events.  The sugars in these specific  beverages are generally beneficial after a high endurance performance for recovery. 

On the contrary, sports and energy beverages can stain, deteriorate, increase acidity causing the same enamel breakdown.  Weakened enamel means higher risk for cavities, pain, and worse if left uncared or untreated.  As for other health risks, if these usually high caloric drinks are not burned off by activity, the sugars could also possibly be turned into and stored as fat. 


Countering the Effects

Obviously, the best recommendation is avoid these beverages.  With that aside, it is important for good health and dental hygiene that the proper care is taken when consuming these menacing drinks.  Knowing the harmful effects these yummy liquids can have on teeth, there is the realization that the enamel is already exposed, sensitive and weakened.  It is recommended to rinse with plenty of water before brushing and possibly further weakening the enamel. 

View our Photo Gallery featuring cases involving the effects sugary beverages have on teeth.  Please call our friendly staff at 816-842-8585 if you have any questions or would like to request an appointment.

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