12 Habits That Hurt Your Teeth By Dr. John Goodman on August 08, 2012

1. Drinking Coffee and Tea
This caffeinated beverages is a must to most, just ask our office!  The tannic acid in these beverages leave a big time stain by etching into teeth and creeping through enamel.  Dr. Goodman's staff attempts to beat the stains and effects by drinking through straws, following with a cup of water and Whitening our teeth.

2. Drinking Wine
effects of wine on teethRed wine has been portrayed as having heart healthy qualities in moderation, but it's sure to leave a stain on your teeth and lips.  If you want to avoid this by switching to white wine, you might want to re-think your strategy!  The high acid content and enamel eroding properties in white wine will soften teeth and leave stains.  Also, brushing sensitive teeth too soon after drinking can cause more harm than benefit.  It is recommended that when indulging, to drink plenty of water and eat high calcium based foods such as cheese to counter the effects.

3. Using Teeth as Tools.
The frustration of not being able to getting that plastic packet open will be a lot less stressful than a chipped tooth.  Get the bottle opener before you try using your teeth as a tool or you may wind up with a big bill from the dental office!  Luckily, Dr. Goodman accepts most major insurance plans and offers discounts for cash or senior citizens!  

4. Chewing on Ice
Chewing on hard substances like nuts can also cause fractures or chips to teeth.  Ice is also chilling cold and will increase the risk of sensitivity and breakage.  The craving to chew on ice could also be a sign of an iron deficiency. 

5. Juice, Soda, Sports Drinks
Our previous article, The Worst Beverages For Your Teeth explains the effects of acid erosion and tooth decay caused by the sugar and ingredients in the types of beverages below.

The Worst Beverages for your Teeth

6. Candy and Cough Drops
These sugary substances may be sweet, but have PH levels that will wreck your teeth.  Decalcification of teeth begins at a PH level of four.  Sour candy especially, like War Heads, Skittles and Fun Dip have more intense PH levels similar to that of battery acid.  When Halloween comes around, rather than saving and dispersing the candy over time,  the one night binge may be a better option for their teeth.  That way, their teeth aren't exposed day after day and they may not want candy ever again after the tummy ache!

7. Starch
Starchy foods such as pastas, potatoes, and pastries all break down into simple sugars and cause enamel erosion when mixed with saliva.  It's best to limit these foods and give your teeth a break by eating three meals a day.  It has been shown that (healthy) snacking in between meals help to increase metabolism so carrots and apples are great choices if you're going to snack.

8. Grinding
Grinding can wear down and break teeth leaving them vulnerable and exposed to the elements. Grinding can also cause Tempomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder from the clenching reflex which results in tension, pain or headaches that disrupt daily activity and sleep.  Dr. Goodman has a non-invasive treatment option that eliminates the clenching reflex and painful symptoms. 

9. Not wearing a Mouthguard
Another previous article, The Importance of Athletic Mouth Guards informs that 5 Million teeth are knocked out per year from dental injuries during athletic activities.  If that isn't enough to make you wear one during your high contact athletic sport, we're not sure what is.

10. Baby Bottle Before Bed
Several Kansas City parents put their babies to bed with milk, formula, and juice filled bottles unknowingly of the harmful effect it can cause to their baby.  Before babies even have teeth, sugars and bacteria can build and effect their future development.  Babies aren't born with dental caries (the disease that causes cavities and tooth decay), but it is passed through parent's/loved one's saliva and improper care.  Find out tips on how to care for your baby's teeth to prevent cavities.

11. Tongue Piercings
They may seem harmless after the needle strike heals, but Dr. Goodman says otherwise.  Bacteria can grow around the piercing where food has gotten stuck and cause bad breath.  The metal piercing can break teeth if bitten or ruin the protective layer of enamel which cannot be regenerated.  The bumping and irritation of the stud against the gums can cause them to recede and possibly develop periodontal gum disease.

12. Smoking (last, but surely not least)
Smoking cigarettes stains teeth yellow and causes build up of plaque leading to bad breath, periodontal gum disease and bone loss to name a few.   Not to mention the arsenic poison, insecticide, ammonia and other chemicals in cigarettes that causes fatal illnesses such as cancer.  Smoking is a harmful habit that provides no benefits, but decreases livelihood and health almost instantly.


If you find yourself with one or more of these habits and would like to Schedule an Appointment or Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Goodman to discuss solutions and treatment options please call our office at 816-842-8585.  If you liked this article "Like Us" on facebook to see special offers and find out more about our office!

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