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Reasons for Tooth Extractions

By Dr. John Goodman on October 09, 2012

Do You Require a Tooth Extraction?

Kansas City Tooth ExtractionsTooth extractions occur in two main instances: when the tooth in question is severely damaged or when there is crowding in the mouth. Because of the nature of the procedure, many of our Kansas City patients feel apprehensive about undergoing a tooth extraction procedure. The patients of Dr. John P. Goodman, D.D.S., can rest assured that tooth extraction is performed by a highly skilled dentist in the safest, most advanced, efficient, and painless manner possible, and only when it is the ideal course of treatment for the patient.

At our Kansas City cosmetic dentistry practice, we offer the full scope of aesthetic, general, and restorative dentistry to facilitate the most healthy and beautiful smiles for patients throughout Missouri and Kansas City.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

For patients of our practice in Kansas City, tooth extractions may be performed using a local or general anesthetic. A local anesthetic is typically used when only one tooth needs to be removed. In the event that multiple teeth require extraction, a general anesthetic may be recommended.  The most common reasons for tooth extraction are as follows:

  • There is overcrowding in the mouth: In many cases, a tooth is pulled to prepare the patient’s mouth for orthodontic treatment (orthodontic treatment works to properly align the teeth). Also, a tooth may be pulled when the patient simply has too many teeth or when a tooth about to erupt from the gums has nowhere to fit given the overcrowding of teeth in the mouth.
  • The tooth in question is severely damaged: A tooth may need to be extracted when decay is so extensive that it has damaged the core or pulp of tooth containing nerves and blood vessels. In cases of decay resulting in the need for tooth extraction, Dr. Goodman will recommend a suitable tooth replacement option such as the use of a dental bridge or dental implant. For our patients in Kansas City, dental crowns can be used to anchor a bridge or top dental implants.
  • Risk of infection: When a patient’s immune system is in a fragile state, such as when a patient is undergoing chemotherapy, or if a patient is undergoing an organ transplant, the risk for infection in a tooth may be great enough to warrant the extraction of the tooth, thus preventing the risk of infection.
  • Advanced gum disease: Periodontal gum disease is the infection of the tissues and bones surrounding the teeth. As these tissues and bones also work to support the teeth, tooth extraction may be necessary when infection has caused a tooth or teeth to loosen.

Learn More about Tooth Extractions

Dr. John P. Goodman prides himself on the consultation process in order to evaluate each patient’s individual smile situation, overall health, and recommend the ideal course of treatment. Please contact our practice in North Kansas City, MO to learn which treatment is right for you. Our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions or schedule your appointment!

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