Periodontics and Deep Cleanings By Dr. John Goodman on May 06, 2013

General Cleaning and Exam

It is highly recommended to have two cleanings per year with a dentist or dental hygienist to address and prevent oral health concerns.  A general teeth cleaning will usually consist of x-rays, an oral cancer screening evaluation with scaling of gum levels, and a polish and floss. 

The Effects With Lack Of Oral Hygiene

If teeth are not cared for daily (at least brushed twice and flossed once), left-over food particles and bacteria form into a light yellow biofilm substance that attach to teeth, also known as plaque.  Overtime, plaque will harden into tartar and calculus, making it more difficult to remove.  The hardened plaque will build and push down into the gums causing them to recede, become irritated, red, swollen, and often bleed.  This is usually accompanied with symptoms of dry mouth, bad breath, and an infection.  

This infection is also known as periodontal gum disease and in mild form, gingivitis.  If the dentist or dental hygienist encounters this occurring, the treatment recommended is Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing, also known as a "Deep Cleaning".  

Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing

A typical Scaling and Root Planing or "Deep Cleaning" treatment consists of having the gum levels thoroughly measured and extensive removal of the excess build-up of plaque and calculus.  This treatment may require a longer appointment time or separate visits to complete the entire process.  Local anesthetic and Gas (Nitrous Oxide) is available in case of any discomfort and to calm anxious nerves.  Often, a mouth rinse (without alcohol content) may be recommended to help assist in treating the infection.  A follow up evaluation and polishing will take place after the gums have healed.  In some cases, after having this treatment is performed, four routine cleaning and exams per year may be recommended.

For someone that qualifies for a deep periodontal cleaning, it is important for them to receive or it is likely there will be bone loss, periodontal gum disease and other health concerns. The infection in the gums can spread and reach areas weakened from wear and tear, grinding, and enamel disintegration (acid erosion from food, drink, sugar), and progress into tooth decay.  Once tooth decay reaches the root, the tooth will abscess.    

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing or any topics discussed, please contact our office at 816-842-5335 or send us a message.  Our friendly staff is awaiting your call! 

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