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Cosmetic Dentist, John P. Goodman, DDS informs Kansas City patients of the harmful risks that can result from excess and regular drinking of soda and similar sugary beverages.  From the first sip of soda and sports drinks, the risk for health issues raise and begin in the mouth.

Tooth Erosion and Tooth Decay

Kansas City Dentist Tooth Erosion From Soda and Sports DrinksSugar is a prime culprit for disintegrating the enamel, the durable built in shield that protects teeth. There is an extensive amount of sugar in soda and sports drinks. Sugar from beverages bind with bacteria and saliva creating a chemical change that produces enamel dissolving acid. This acid causes tooth erosion through the tooth to the under layers leaving it exposed and susceptible to decay. Once tooth decay or an infection has reached the root of a tooth, a tooth abscess can occur and options for the tooth are then extremely limited.

Gingivitis and Periodontal Gum Disease

Periodontal Gum Disease Kansas City Dentist Gingivitis and Periodontal Gum Disease are mild to severe infections that can develop from the sugar left in the mouth from sugary beverages to form plaque. Over time if not removed, plaque hardens into calculus (tartar) and pushes on gums causing irritation, redness, soreness, bleeding, sensitivity, and infection. Dry Mouth, Bad Breath, and a shift of one's bite are also indications of Periodontal Gum Disease.

Weight Gain and Obesity

Shortly after consuming a beverage with a high amount of sugar, the body's blood sugar levels spike and stimulate sudden insulin production. The liver responds to this reaction by turning sugar into fat. Blood pressure rises from the caffeine absorption and the liver responds further by releasing sugar from soda into the bloodstream. Excessive sugar then blocks the adenosine receptors that signify drowsiness and increase dopamine production that results in an alert and happy feeling.

Tooth Erosion, Tooth Damage from Drinking Soda Kansas City DentistWith each small can holding about 140 calories and 40 grams of sugar, excessive drinking of soda correlates commonly with obesity.  A high amount of sugar turning to fat will initially cause to dehydration, weight gain and obesity. The body is not designed for drinking calories therefore it is difficult for the stomach to send the proper signals to the brain when it is full. Overtime with long term consumption of excess sugar can cause the body to have difficulty properly functioning and create other problems such as: cardiovascular disease, breast or colon cancers, and gall bladder issues.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes (adult onset Diabetes) is a condition when the body's defense system is weakened by consistently uncontrolled raised blood sugar levels that are heightened due to insufficient insulin production and overall regulation abilities. The development of Type 2 Diabetes is heavily influenced and often developed as a result of poor and unhealthy lifestyle choices usually filled with sugary soft drinks. Those that have lifestyle factors such as: obesity, poor diet filled with excess sugar, lack of exercise, stress, and routine lack of sleep are at a high risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes.  

Those with Type 2 Diabetes are also at a higher risk to develop infections and periodontal gum disease. Without routine proper oral hygiene, periodontal disease can develop and cause even more problems for the body's immune system and regulation of blood sugar. Infection is a more complicated and longer process to heal from for those with either type of Diabetes and can often keep glucose levels spiked and uncontrolled. 

Potassium Deficiency and Renal Problems

A preservative, Sodium benzoate is used in soft drinks and with high doses can heighten sodium intake and limit the absorption of potassium. Research has linked excessive amounts of sodium benzoate also cause reactions such as: asthma attack, muscle twitching or fatigue, recurring eczema and other skin rashes. Low or lack of potassium can also raise the risk for high blood pressure, stroke, and kidney problems.

Excess sodium benzoate and another common ingredient in soda beverages, phosphoric acid have both been linked to renal problems such as kidney stones. The risks for developing kidney stones are very high with male Caucasians that are overweight or obese. Those factors combined with too much phosphoric acid can severely increase the risk for kidney stones or other renal issues.

Bone Loss

Kansas City Dentist Bone Loss SolutionsThe high amount of phosphoric acid in soft drinks has also been associated with removing amounts of calcium from the body. Calcium is stored in bone and critical for bone health and strength. The removal or shortage of Calcium will lead to bone loss and often Osteoporosis, a disease where bone levels are progressively lost and weakened, increasing the risk  for breaking. Women are more effected by Osteoporosis and it is very important for females to ensure calcium intake is not obstructed or lacking in order to prevent bone loss.

Calcium is very important to teeth and is the only structure in the human body that cannot regenerate or heal naturally. Loss of Calcium can cause severe bone loss in the jaw and mouth. This can create uncomfortable changes in mouth structure as well as difficulty performing daily food intake functions.

Solutions for Tooth Damage Due To Soda Consumption

There are many other harmful effects that high intakes of sugar from soda and sugary beverages can have on the teeth and body. John P. Goodman, DDS has cosmetic and restorative solutions for those that suffer from tooth damage due to soda and soft drinks. If you are interested in a Complimentary Consultation to discuss tooth damage from soda, sports drinks and other sugary beverages, contact our the friendly Kansas City dental staff at 816-842-8585 or send us a message to set up an appointment with Dr. Goodman.

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