Fluoride Treatment Candidates By Dr. John Goodman on April 21, 2015

A family with bright, white, healthy teeth, smiling widelyFluoride is a natural mineral that helps protect the teeth from decay by strengthening tooth enamel. Fluoride is in certain foods, like eggs, fish, and meat, but is most often found in toothpastes and drinking water. For those who need increased dental protection, fluoride treatments are a great option. Fluoride treatments pair well with other general dentistry treatments to protect oral health and keep your smile at it's best. To find out if you're a candidate for fluoride treatment, schedule a consultation with Kansas City dentist John Goodman. In the meantime, read on to learn more about fluoride treatment and its candidates.

What Is Fluoride Treatment?

Our teeth naturally lose minerals from acid erosion, which is caused by the foods we eat, the beverages we drink, and acid secreted by the oral bacteria found in plaque. Fluoride treatments help to re-mineralize the teeth to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay. Fluoride treatment is fast and painless, and can be administered during your routine dental exam. During fluoride treatment, a highly concentrated gel or foam of fluoride is applied to the teeth. The fluoride is left to sit on the teeth so the minerals deposit within the enamel. The material is then rinsed and treatment is complete.

Candidates for Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is commonly found in toothpaste and drinking water, so it's likely you've already been exposed to fluoride. For many people, the low levels of fluoride encountered in day-to-day activities is not enough to fully re-mineralize the teeth, which is why fluoride treatments are suitable for most people. Though most people are candidates for fluoride treatment, those who relate to one or more of the following are particularly well-suited to treatment.

  • Those with poor oral hygiene habits
  • Those who suffer from dry mouth
  • Those who suffer from tooth decay
  • Young children, due to their increased risk of cavities
  • Those who consume large amounts of sugary or acidic foods and drinks
  • Those who do not get enough fluoride through diet or dental care
  • Smokers
  • Adults and children alike

The Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments offer many benefits. Fluoride reduces the risk of tooth decay and strengthens the teeth by depositing minerals back into the enamel. Diets high in sugar and acidic foods and drinks de-mineralize the teeth and weaken the dental enamel, leading to tooth decay. Fluoride treatments, combined with proper at-home oral hygiene and regular dental exams, can help keep your teeth strong and healthy for many years to come. The benefits of fluoride treatment include:

  • Stronger teeth
  • Reduced risk of tooth decay
  • Strengthened dental enamel
  • Better overall oral health
  • Prevents dental damage

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Goodman

Fluoride treatments can strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of tooth decay. Keep your smile strong and healthy for many years to come with regular fluoride treatments. To schedule a fluoride treatment or to learn about other treatment options, we invite you contact Dr. Goodman today.

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