Exposed Tooth Roots and Tooth Sensitivity By Dr. John Goodman on July 26, 2016

An illustration of a tooth and its rootIf you are currently experiencing tooth sensitivity, you should not take it lightly. In fact, it is important that you schedule a thorough oral exam at a reputable local general dentistry practice immediately. Even if your tooth sensitivity is slight right now, it could be a symptom of any number of serious oral health problems. By having any potential issues diagnosed as soon as possible, you increase the chances that you will preserve the health of your teeth and gums and be able to avoid costlier, more invasive treatments in the future.

At the cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry practice of John P. Goodman, we are able to provide timely diagnosis and treatment of a comprehensive range of oral health issues that could be causing your tooth sensitivity. One of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity, especially among adults, is exposed tooth roots. If exposed tooth roots are the underlying cause of your tooth sensitivity, it is extremely important that you seek treatment urgently. This is a problem that can only grow worse over time, eventually and inevitably leading to the loss of the tooth. However, with proper treatment, the tooth can be salvaged and the tooth sensitivity can be controlled.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss exposed roots and tooth sensitivity with Dr. Goodman at his Kansas City, MO office, please contact our general dentistry practice today.

What Is the Cause of Exposed Tooth Roots?

As you might imagine, tooth roots are not meant to be exposed. They are meant to be protected from outside elements by the periodontal tissues, or the gums. This is one of the reasons it is so important to take care of the gums through proper at-home oral hygiene and twice-a-year visits to the dentist for professional cleanings and periodontal screenings.

Unfortunately, most people do not take proper care of their gums, which is why periodontal disease is the most common disease among American adults, affecting approximately three-quarters of the population to varying degrees. Whereas gum disease can be fairly easily treated in its earlier stage, gingivitis, it can cause severe damage in its latter stage, periodontitis. During this stage, the gums literally pull away from the teeth, leaving the roots of teeth exposed and creating pockets in which bacteria and food particles can find refuge. At this point, if treatment is not sought, matters will worsen rapidly. Eventually, the tooth will die, and the gum and jawbone tissues that once supported it will quickly degrade, causing a host of new problems in the mouth and throughout the body.

You can see, then, why tooth sensitivity should not be taken as a small problem. Rather, it should be taken as the symptom of a potentially big problem - but one that, thankfully, we can treat.

Learn More about Exposed Roots and Tooth Sensitivity

If you would like to learn more about exposed tooth roots and tooth sensitivity, please contact the general dentistry practice of Dr. John P. Goodman today.

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