Gingivitis and Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment By Dr. John Goodman on July 25, 2012


Many people have some form of Periodontal Gum Disease  without even knowing.  Gingivitis can be mild to severe and is usually the most common form of Periodontal Gum Disease.  Periodontal Gum Disease and Gingivitis are caused by plaque build-up on teeth from lack of proper flossing, brushing, and rinsing.  Plaque build up can harden and turn into calculus or tartar which can grow under the gum line and in exposed areas leading to irritation and tooth decay.  Periodontal Gum Disease is usually present when there is bad breath or halitosis, dry mouth,  mouth sores, and swollen, shiny, purple bleeding gums.

Below are two severe cases of Periodontal Gum Disease along with many other oral health issues.  Click on the photos to view images of before and after Smile Makeover cases in our Photo Gallery.

Periodontal Gum Disease    

Kansas City Dentist, John P. Goodman, DDS can prevent or diagnose and treat one's periodontal gum disease and Gingivitis.  To resolve Periodontal Gum Disease and Gingivitis all together, one must cooperate with recommendations and home oral health care for ultimate results.  The most effective treatment is schedule an exam or consultation with Dr. Goodman to evaluate and determine the level or condition of one's Periodontal Gum Disease and discuss the options for treatment. 

The general treatment for periodontal gum disease is usually in the form of Scaling and Root Planing, which is also sometimes referred to as a "deep cleaning".  Our friendly hygienists scale your teeth to remove plaque, build-up and stain to eliminate these painful, odor causing bacteria.  There are other forms of treatment as well. 

Temporary or minor relief from Periodontal Gum Disease and Gingivitis can be attempted in the form of proper home oral dental health care.  This consists of brushing after consumption of food or beverages, drinking recommended amounts of water, flossing and rinsing twice per day.  Gum, mints, and orajel can be used to mask bad breath or soothe mouth sores only providing temporary relief.  Until you can schedule an appointment and determine the level or degree of your periodontal gum disease, can you find the proper relief and treatment necessary to resolve periodontal gum disease and Gingivitis. 

If you think you may have bad breath, periodontal gum disease or gingivitis, call our friendly staff or schedule an appointment"Like Us" on Facebook to find out more about our office and see article and tips related to these topics. 

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