Full Arch Dental Implants for Tooth Loss By Dr. John Goodman on April 17, 2021

full arch dental implantsThe teeth are the central focus of the smile and therefore have a big impact on a person’s appearance. But the functions of the teeth are far more than cosmetic. A full set of healthy teeth supports biting, chewing, and speaking. When tooth loss occurs, it is essential to seek restorative dentistry treatment.

For extensive loss that impacts an entire arch of teeth, Dr. John Goodman often recommends full arch dental implants to his Kansas City, MO, patients. Dental implants are the only tooth loss treatment that addresses the loss of both the roots and crown of a tooth. Dental implants support dental restorations, stimulate the jawbone, and restore the health, strength, and beauty of the smile.

What Are Dental Implants?

Many people have heard of dental implant treatment, but few know exactly what these restorations are. Dental implants are tiny titanium screws that are surgically placed in the tissues of the jaw. In the months following implant placement, the tissues of the jaw heal around the implants so the bone and screw fuse together. Once dental implants are a part of the jaw, they essentially act as replacement tooth roots. Small metal abutments, or posts, are attached to the implants, and these are used to support a dental restoration.

Dental implants act as an anchor for a comprehensive range of dental restorations, including dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures. When it comes to the loss of an entire arch of teeth, full arch implants provide support to dentures. Dental implants make dentures a fixed part of the smile, so they are not removed when eating, sleeping, or cleaning the restoration.

Full Arch Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implant treatment takes place in three stages. The first stage of treatment is the implant placement. A small hole is created in the gum tissues and the implant is screwed down into the jawbone. Our Kansas City patients are under the effects of anesthesia throughout this procedure, so they remain completely comfortable. To support a full arch of dentures, we typically insert four dental implants - two on each side of the mouth. The implants are strategically placed to take maximum advantage of the patient’s bone tissues.

After dental implants heal and fuse with the jawbone we proceed to the next stage of treatment, which is the placement of metal abutments. Once again, we make small holes in the gum tissues to gain access to the dental implants. The base of the abutment attaches to the dental implant and the top of the abutment protrudes from the gumline.

The final stage of dental implant treatment is the placement of the dental restoration. For full arch implants, we secure a complete denture. The denture is bonded to the metal abutments using a tooth colored compound. The compound is hardened with a special dental light to cement the dentures in place.

What Sets Full Arch Implants Apart from Traditional Dentures? 

Dental implants are unlike any other dental restoration, due to the many benefits they offer our Kansas City patients. Some of the features of full arch implants that set them apart from traditional dentures include:

  • Full arch implants can last a lifetime
  • Dental implants prevent the loss of healthy bone tissues
  • Implant-supported dentures look, feel, and function like the natural teeth
  • Full arch implants can be brushed and cared for like the natural teeth

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Dental implants address tooth loss to restore the health, functions, and aesthetics of the smile. If you are interested in learning more about this tooth loss treatment, we invite you to send us a message online, or call (816) 842-8585 to schedule an appointment with Dr. John Goodman.

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