Benefits of Dental Bridges By Dr. John Goodman on February 09, 2023

Dental bridge patientDental bridges are an effective treatment for adult tooth loss. Dental bridges replace a set of one to three teeth from the same area of the mouth. Dental bridges fill gaps left by tooth loss to restore oral functions and enhance the smile’s appearance.

Dr. John P. Goodman offers traditional and implant-supported bridges at his Kansas City, MO, dental practice. He helps patients consider the benefits of dental bridges and determine if these dental restorations are the most appropriate treatment for their dental situation.

Restore the Beauty of the Smile

Even minor aesthetic flaws can significantly compromise the smile’s appearance. More severe dental problems, like tooth loss, drastically detract from the beauty of the smile, especially when a tooth is lost from the front of the mouth. Dental bridges fill gaps to restore a complete, attractive smile. The size, shape, and color of dental bridges are customizable, so the restorations blend in seamlessly with adjacent teeth, maintaining the smile’s natural appearance.

Improve Oral Functions

Tooth loss weakens the bite, making it more difficult to bite, chew, and eat. Dental bridges replace missing teeth to improve oral functions. Dental bridges are made of strong, durable materials that can withstand the usual wear and tear of biting and chewing. No foods are off-limits after dental bridge treatment.

Speech is also impacted by tooth loss. The tongue touches the teeth when pronouncing certain words and making some sounds. If teeth are missing, speech impediments like lisps are more common. Dental bridges replace missing teeth to correct speech problems caused by tooth loss.

Prevent Teeth From Shifting

The teeth work together and support one another. When tooth loss occurs, adjacent teeth are left without adequate support. If missing teeth are not replaced, surrounding teeth may eventually shift out of place, which can lead to further dental complications. Dental bridges are sturdy replacements for missing teeth. They uphold surrounding teeth to prevent shifting.

Maintain Facial Structure

The jawbone plays a crucial role in the overall facial structure. Unfortunately, the jawbone starts to deteriorate after bone loss, which can cause the jaw and surrounding facial features to appear weak or sunken in. Degeneration occurs because the bone no longer receives the stimulation from the tooth’s root system necessary for tissue regeneration.

Implant-supported dental bridges prevent bone loss. Implants act as artificial tooth roots, continuing to stimulate the bone so new tissues grow. In this way, implant-supported dentures help our Kansas City patients maintain their natural facial structure.

Prevent Gum Disease

When a tooth (or teeth) are lost, there are empty sockets in the mouth. These sockets are like little pits or pockets where food particles and bacteria can collect. As bacteria build up, gum tissues can become inflamed and damaged, ultimately leading to gum disease. Dental bridges fill in empty sockets to protect gum tissues. Dental bridges can be brushed and flossed like natural teeth and are not susceptible to decay, so it is easy to preserve oral health and prevent complications such as gum disease.

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If you have suffered the loss of one to three consecutive teeth, you are likely an ideal candidate for dental bridge treatment. To talk to Dr. John P. Goodman about dental bridges and the benefits they provide, contact our Kansas City dental practice and send us a message online.

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