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Snap-On Smiles offer an affordable alternative to full mouth reconstruction. They quickly improve the appearance of a patient's smile in just two office visits. This type of smile makeover is instant, non-invasive, and non-permanent.

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A Snap-on Smile has been something that, probably, with just in the last five or six years has been new and available for people. And it's a cost effective option in lieu of doing, you know, full mouth reconstructions that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. This is an alternative treatment for people that basically it's a covering, a shell, and it's made of a specialized resin that fits over their existing teeth. So it, in other words, snaps on over what they have, but yet looks like a completely new smile. As a matter of fact, the first case that I ever did of a Snap-On Smile was on someone who was in a beauty pageant, and she had spaces between her front teeth and there was a real concern about her smiling and being in front of all these people with spaces. So we had two weeks to come up with a solution, and we didn't have enough time to do veneers. So we decided well we'll try a Snap-On Smile because all we have to do is take an impression. It's made at a laboratory. We get that back quickly. So it's a fast solution too for someone who has not enough time to get the traditional, permanent type fixes done.

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