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Dr. Goodman discusses causes and symptoms of dry mouth, a common affliction that plagues a large number of patients. By evaluating a patient's teeth, gums, and medical history Dr. Goodman can determine the best course of action to take for treatment. Our dentist and his team places the utmost importance on hygiene and optimal oral health, so patients' smiles can last a lifetime.

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We see a lot of dry mouth from folks that have been on various types of medication. Maybe they've had cancer, and they've had chemotherapy or they've had radiation treatment. The long-term effects of those types of procedures and medications can be pretty severe. So one of the things that we try to evaluate and ask, of course, with their health history is did they experience dry mouth. We have to evaluate all their medications very carefully, and then e do have some suggestions for that. We have various rinses. We have various toothpastes, which can help ease the effects in dealing with dry mouth. It can be quite painful, too, for some people. Their saliva production shuts down due to the effects of medication. The saliva is our protection. It's our body's way of buffering the effects of acid. It's sort of our own internal car wash. It cleans our teeth. It helps keep the plaque down. So when those defenses are shut down from medication or from various treatments, it's important that we help offer some solutions for those things, too.

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