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Dr. Goodman discusses a smile's effect on confidence. His customized approach to dentistry makes his smile makeovers so effective. A smile makeover can combine any number of procedures including porcelain veneers and teeth whitening.

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The importance of a smile...It's the first thing that people notice from each other. Studies have shown that when people meet each other one of the very first things that they notice is someone's smile. So it says a lot about that person, about their confidence and self-esteem. And usually people that smile are viewed as friendlier. So it's an important part of our personality. So then we have to discuss what are the exact needs to make that work. Is it going to take veneers? Does it take crowns? Is it a combination of both things? Veneers and crowns are both made of porcelain so the material is the same. A veneer is a very conservative procedure, where we do remove some of the enamel. It's done in a very conservative way to try to preserve as much tooth structure as possible. Crowns are used where we have decay, cracks; teeth that are broken that require something more substantial to hold out long term. A lot of times when we have to change someone's bite, in particular the vertical height of their bite, we have to do a full mouth, because there's no way to achieve that by doing one section. You have to completely change and open up a bite. So we take it from a situation where they've ground off so much of their teeth that all their teeth are really, really short little stumps. We have to open that back up so that we can lengthen and make the teeth longer and more natural looking.

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