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Dr. Goodman focuses on a conservative approach to orthodontics and offers Invisalign® to patients. Invisalign® gently straightens teeth using a set of clear plastic aligners, meaning they are nearly invisible to others during use. Following treatment, a patient's smile is properly aligned, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing.

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I, in my practice with orthodontics, focus on fairly minor cases. There's crowding. There's spacing. It allows me to do things more conservatively in that I have another option to help fix what their problem is instead of just utilizing crowns or veneers. We can do orthodontics a lot of times and straighten the teeth or close spaces in a way that's very conservative and preserves the tooth structure. Maybe they have beautiful, white teeth. They just have a few spaces that could be closed, or their teeth are slightly rotated, and we can turn those and do something limited in orthodontics. Invisalign®, again, for those that are very, very concerned about the cosmetics of traditional brackets and wires, is another option to move teeth in a way that's very conservative and fairly invisible to most people. The nice thing about Invisalign® is that you can also take them out to eat normally and brush and floss your teeth without the brackets and wires. So there's a little bit of an easier method of cleaning your teeth as you go through the treatment.

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