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A hygienist at Dr. Goodman's practice, Stacey, discusses their shared philosophies regarding care. She says Dr. Goodman treats his staff the same way he treatments his patients, and everyone is well educated, friendly, and personable. Making sure patients are safe, cared for, and well informed about their oral health is of the utmost priorities at the practice.

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Man: In a, in my practice, you know, the hygienist are the biggest and best educators of patients. They are, you know, have the time to spend one on one with people that, unfortunately, I don't always have. So their job of educating people on their home care, on the importance of their home care, on various techniques to make their home care better is so invaluable for my practice. I mean they literally are, you know, spend a lot more time individually with patients that I do. And, you know, they, I am very blessed to have, I think some of the very best hygienists around. Woman: I love it. He is, we share the same philosophies on how to treat people and on the type of quality of care we want to provide. And so it's real easy. And the way he is with his staff is the way he is with all of his patients. Man: We see a lot, unfortunately, of tooth decay related to the effects, long term effects of sugar and the acids which are in all these various, you know, energy drinks and soda. And, you know, it's probably the biggest cause of tooth decay now in our society. It's still carbonated drinks. Woman: Well, most people don't floss on a regular basis. But a common mistake is they just don't come in regular enough. They think that when they come to the dentist that it's going to hurt or just because of a past experience that they've had. And so they're afraid. Now, what we do is we can't do everything. A patient is responsible for what they do at home and we're just there to help keep everything as healthy as possible and guide them with that.

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