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Cosmetic Dentistry

Even if you practice diligent hygiene and have impeccable oral health, there may still be things you wish to improve about your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments focus on enhancing the appearance of your teeth and gums for truly remarkable results.

Dentist John Goodman offers several cosmetic treatments at our Kansas City, MO, dental practice.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of your smile by correcting cosmetic imperfections. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry
Find out why so many patients seek the care of a cosmetic dentist

There are several reasons why individuals may want to pursue cosmetic dentistry. Those who undergo this type of treatment can enjoy:
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Enhanced Appearance

A cosmetic dentist takes all of your concerns and goals into account when creating your treatment plan. The result is a beautiful smile and improved appearance.

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Better Self-Esteem

When you look your best, you feel your best. Cosmetic dentistry can give you a boost in self-esteem and the confidence to take on the world.

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Increased Opportunities

Like it or not, research studies suggest that when you have a healthy, attractive smile, you are perceived as more successful and approachable.

We Give Kansas City a Reason to Smile!

Our dentistry practice in Kansas City, MO, prides itself on being a one-stop shop for dental care. With over two decades of experience, our dentist, John P. Goodman, offers a range of dentistry treatments to ensure his patients' unique dental concerns are addressed. Our practice is also proud to offer CareCredit® financing options to make cosmetic dentistry treatments affordable and accessible to more patients. Have dental anxiety? We have sedation options to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Still have questions? Call us or contact our dentistry practice online!

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"I’ve never left a dentist’s office with a genuine smile before..." 5-Star Reviews From Our Kansas City, MO, Patients


Peter Mitchell

Kansas City, MO


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Moved here from Chicago and very happy Dr. Goodman was the first dentist I saw here in KC. The staff was super friendly, communicated well, and didn’t try to upsell or do any unnecessary work. I really felt like the center of care

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Grace Cooper

Kansas City, MO


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I was nervous for my appointment because it’d been 3 years since my last cleaning, but the staff here are absolutely excellent and made me feel so comfortable! I’ve never left a dentist’s office with a genuine smile before, I’m genuinely excited to go back in six months. 

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See A Stunning Cosmetic Transformation

before smile makeover
Before a Smile Makeover
After a Smile Makeover
After a Smile Makeover

Good Candidates for Cosmetic Dentistry How can I know if this type of dental treatment is right for me?

Our practice in Kansas City may recommend this type of dentistry if:
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You Are in Good Oral Health

Tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health conditions should be treated before any cosmetic procedure. If root canals, crowns, or other restorative treatments are necessary, they must be completed first.

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You Want an Improved Smile

We want every patient to feel confident in their smile and proud to show it off to the world! If minor imperfections stop you from smiling as wide as you wish you could, our team is here to give you the treatment that gets you looking your best.

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You Have Realistic Expectations

Once your dental goals are determined, our professionals will work closely with you to deliver results you’re over the moon about. From before and after photos to a detailed breakdown of your treatment plan, we make sure you know what to expect every step of the way.

Begin Your Smile Transformation Request a complimentary consultation today

A beautiful smile is just as important as a healthy one. We take great pride in helping patients achieve beautiful smiles they can feel great about sharing. If you are ready to transform your smile, request a complimentary consultation by contacting us online or by calling our practice in Kansas City, MO, today.

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Real Reviews from Real Patients

"I love everything about him and his staff! They are simply amazing!" Tammy Ash, 5-Star Review

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

To help you achieve the best possible results, Dr. Goodman uses photography, other cases featured on our website, and a diagnostic wax-up of the teeth to help patients visualize their final smile. We also rely on great communication and careful listening so we can create a treatment plan that meets the patient's goals, lifestyle, and budget.

There are several treatment options available, depending on the needs of the individual. Here are some of the most commonly performed dentistry procedures at our Kansas City practice.

Porcelain Veneers

If you want to conceal cracks, chips, or stains, dental veneers may be the solution. They can also be a great way to improve the appearance of misshaped, gapped, or slightly misaligned teeth. In addition to traditional veneers, we also offer same-day veneers at our dental office. Porcelain veneers cost $1,650 per tooth.

Explore Dental Veneers

Dental Bonding

Like veneers, bonding can correct a wide range of cosmetic dental issues. However, instead of using dental porcelain, Dr. Goodman will use a tooth-colored composite resin. Bonding does not require any alteration of your teeth, and the results typically last about five years. 

Explore Dental Bonding

Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile® can instantly transform your smile. This custom-crafted device will be designed to look natural and maintain your normal bite alignment. Simply place it over your teeth when you want to wear it, and easily remove it whenever you choose. 

Explore Snap-On Smile

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a customized procedure that combines multiple cosmetic treatments to completely transform your smile. Our dentist will carefully plan your makeover to meet your dental goals. Your input is essential, and we will ask you to describe the smile you wish to achieve in great detail.

Explore Smile Makeovers


We offer clear aligners much like Invisalign® to address orthodontic problems such as overcrowded, overlapped, jutted, twisted, or gapped teeth. Clear aligners like Invisalign can also address bite issues such as underbite and overbite.

Explore Orthodontics

Gum Contouring

If you have a gummy smile or uneven gum line, Dr. Goodman can perform a laser gum contouring procedure to eliminate excess tissue and create a more attractive frame for your teeth.

Explore Gum Contouring

Are You Looking for a Quick Enhancement? Try One of Our In-Office or Take-Home Teeth Whitening Options

We offer in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments to help patients achieve brighter, more beautiful smiles. Thanks to an in-office Philips Zoom!® treatment, you can experience immediate results in just 90 minutes. If you choose take-home treatment, we have two different options: the GLO Science Pro Whitening and Opalescence home whitening kits. At the end of treatment, you can expect dazzling results that highlight all the best features of your smile.

A Closer Look at Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit over the front of your tooth to conceal cosmetic imperfections such as chips, cracks, minor misalignment, and discoloration. Your dentist will remove a small amount of enamel so the veneer blends seamlessly with your other teeth for beautiful and natural-looking results.

"Dr. Goodman and his staff were honestly incredible." More High Praise From Patients in Kansas City, MO


Polen Velasquez


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Dr. Goodman and his staff were honestly incredible. I’ve never been to a dentist that’s taken his time to talk me through recommendations, and had the best interest of the client in mind. I would absolutely recommend him! Probably the best dental experience I’ve ever had.

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Micah Dooley

Kansas City, MO


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I saw Dr. Goodman today and love the work he did for me. His bedside manner is amazing and his staff is wonderful. I felt the care I received was very affordable as well. I will definitely be back and cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience today.

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Extend the Benefits of Your Cosmetic Treatment Aftercare Tips to Keep in Mind

Proper post-treatment aftercare helps ease the recovery process and maintain your beautiful smile.

Cut Down on Teeth-Staining Drinks

Drinking tea, coffee, soda, fruit juice, and other sugary beverages can discolor your teeth. You may be advised to avoid certain beverages for at least 24 hours after your cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Avoid Smoking and Tobacco Use

Cigarettes and other tobacco products can easily stain teeth. Discoloration caused by smoking may even be the reason for visiting our dentist in Kansas City, MO, in the first place.

Use Whitening Toothpaste

An easy way to keep your teeth looking white after a cosmetic dental procedure is to invest in whitening toothpaste. Everyday use of whitening toothpaste may increase tooth sensitivity, so consult your dentist first.

Protect Your Teeth from Harm

Biting your nails, chewing on ice, using your teeth to open stubborn packages, and similar actions can damage teeth and dental restorations. Be wary of especially sticky or hard foods, and be conscientious while chewing.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

By visiting our cosmetic dentists periodically for checkups, any potential problems will be found and addressed early on before turning into larger issues. Moreover, professional cleanings will keep your teeth and gums looking great.

The Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

The cost of cosmetic dentistry can vary significantly depending on the procedure and extent of treatment needed. We can provide you with an accurate quote during your next dental appointment. We also offer extended-term financing through CareCredit®, which breaks up the cost of treatment into affordable monthly payments.

Restorative Treatment Options

We also offer a number of dentistry treatments to restore your dental health:

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have any questions about our cosmetic services or any other aspect of our practice, we'd love to talk to you during a free consultation. In the meantime, here are answers to some of the questions patients ask most often about cosmetic dentistry:

Q. Cosmetic vs. Restorative; Which is Right for Me?

A. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of your smile. Restorative dentistry addresses issues that can impact your oral health and function. However, some issues may impact the health, function, and appearance of your smile all at once. During your initial consultation at our Kansas City dental practice, your dentist will examine your mouth and discuss your goals to determine which treatments are the right ones for you. 

Q. Can cosmetic and restorative treatments be combined?

A. Yes! Dr. Goodman can craft a customized plan that combines multiple treatments in order to make your smile both healthy and attractive. For example, let's say you need dental crowns to support damaged teeth. He can whiten surrounding teeth and then match your crowns to this brilliant new shade of white to create a result that makes your smile look better than ever. If you are missing teeth, we can provide replacement teeth supported by dental implants for a solution that is not only functional, but also indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Q. Does cosmetic treatment hurt?

A. No. Dr. Goodman makes your comfort a priority, and will take all necessary measures to minimize any pain. Teeth whitening can be easily adjusted to accommodate sensitive teeth, and local anesthesia makes porcelain veneer prep virtually painless. If at any time you experience pain or discomfort, please let your dentist or dental team know. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, and will promptly address any concerns.

Q. How long will my results last?

A. This will depend on the type of cosmetic treatment you receive and how you care for your teeth. With teeth whitening, results can last years with proper care. Veneers can last for 15 years or more before they need to be replaced. When your cosmetic work eventually needs to be replaced or touched up, Dr. Goodman is here to provide the care you need. During regular checkups, he will monitor the condition of your entire smile to make sure your health is excellent, and that any cosmetic upgrades like veneers are in great condition.

"I felt nothing but positive energy here. Very professional. I would definitely recommend John P. Goodman to family and friends!" Ele Rit, 5-Star Review
John P. Goodman, DDS

John P. Goodman, DDS We Give Kansas City a Reason to Smile!

Dr. John Goodman has more than two decades of experience serving the community of Kansas City, MO. He offers a comprehensive range of services to address all types of dental problems, and he accepts CareCredit® financing to make treatment as accessible as possible. 

To request a consultation, please fill out our online form or call us at (816) 842-8585.

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"My experience with Dr. John Goodman DDS was outstanding. The entire staff was courteous and very accommodating. Dr. Goodman made me feel very comfortable but also finally gave me hope for having that "beautiful smile" that we (with not so good teeth) always wish for. I left feeling elated and excited for the first time about a dental appointment."

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