Bad Breath (Halitosis) Causes and Treatment By Dr. John Goodman on August 08, 2011

Most people at some point in life suffer from moderate to chronic halitosis (bad breath).  The most common cause of halitosis is bits of food accumulated in the mouth on the tongue or caught between the teeth and gums.  The particles begin to react with the bacteria in your mouth causing an unpleasant odor.  This odor can cause a sour, bitter, or metallic taste in the mouth sometimes leading to dry mouth or extreme morning breath.  If you find a thick white coating on the tongue, thicker saliva than normal,or more mucus in the throat these may be signs as well. 

Bad breath can also be caused by xerostomia(dry mouth) which is caused by certain medications and medical conditions.  Dr. John P.Goodman and our friendly hygienists can diagnose xerostomia and help you alleviate any of your dry mouth or halitosis symptoms.  Certain foods such as onions, garlic, and cabbage  produce gases when they are digested also causing short-term bad breath.  The use of tobacco products can cause bad breath, stains, and even oral cancer.  If you have any questions about halitosis or bad breath, be sure to call and book a cleaning and exam with Kansas City's friendliest dentist, Dr. John Goodman.

Persistence of halitosis or bad breath can also be a sign of a more serious condition called Periodontal Gum Disease. This disease can be caused by left over food particles that form plaque and calculus.  Regular dental cleanings and check-ups with the Hygienists at our office will detect, treat, and prevent bad breath and periodontal disease.

For temporary relief of bad breath be sure to brush, floss, and use mouthwash regularly as directed until receiving your exam and professional recommendations from Dr. Goodman. To request an appointment for treatment of  bad breath, please call our friendly dental staff at 816-842-8585 or send us a message.

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